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  • Charge for school is $9.00/hr.
    $22.50 per day for the T-Th session
    $27.00 per day for the MWF session
  • Payment schedule is included with the school calendar. Payments will be due during the first week of each month.
  • Tuition is required for holidays and snow days.
  • In the case a child is taken out of school:
    1. A two week notice must be given
    2. The school cannot hold the opening for the child unless arrangements are made.
  • Insurance fee of $30 per child is payable according to the fee schedule.
  • There is a $30 non-refundable registration fee for all new students.


Classes will run from 9:00am to 11:30am for the Tuesday – Thursday group and 9:00am to 12:00pm for the Monday-Wednesday-Friday group.   We do ask that the children arrive to school promptly.  The children need this time to prepare for the days activities.  Young children feel secure when they can start the day the same way each time.  Parents should establish a calm school day routine.  Rushing into school after a frazzled morning can be stressful to a young child.

There will always be a teacher at the front door to greet the children.  The parents should bring the child to the front door where the teacher will check off his/her name on the attendance sheet.

If anyone other than a parent will be picking up your child from school, please let us know with a written note of consent.  Brookside Nursery School may ask for identification before releasing a child to a person who is unfamiliar to us.


In order to insure the safety of all the children, we ask that when you are picking up your child you stay in your car and drive up to the appropriate spot in the driveway where a teacher can take your child to the car.  This system has proven to be the most efficient and safe.

If a parent needs to talk to a teacher, please park your car off to the side so the other cars are able to get by.


Each child entering school must have a physical examination. The necessary immunization shots and a lead test are required. An exemption form is required if immunization is not given.

Brookside Nursery School operates on a half-day schedule.  A mildly ill child should remain at home.  The Board of Health suggests that parents keep the child home in the event of a fever or if there are any signs of a contagious disease.  If a child must be kept home for communicable disease, please notify the school.  A quiet area will be kept for the child who becomes sick at school until the parent is contacted and arrives for taking the child home.

It is very important that the school be notified if your child is on medication.  Very often there is a change in a child’s behavior when on medication, and the teacher can adjust the youngster’s activities to make the morning a more comfortable one.

There may be times when children will be prescribed medicine while they are in school. When possible, the child’s parents and physician should minimize the need for medication while in school.  Medicines ordered twice or three times during the day should be given, if possible, before and after school as opposed to during school.  If a medication needs to be given during school hours then the first dose cannot be administered at school.  All staff has been trained in the administration of medication by the Department of Early for Childhood and Care.  All staff has been trained in the administration of medication by the Department of Early for Childhood and Care.  Medication training will be reviewed annually with all staff during the September staff meeting prior to the beginning of school.

All children with special health care needs will need to have an Individual Health Care Plan.  The plan must describe the medical condition, symptoms and any treatment necessary while the child is in school.  The plan must also include side effects of the treatment and any potential consequences to the child’s health if treatment is not administered.  This plan needs to be signed by the parent as well as the licensed care practitioner.

All attempts to contact a parent will be made prior to administering any medication except in the case of any emergency.

All administrations of any medications will be recorded in the medical book.  Each entry will contain time, date, child’s name, medication, amount of medication, and shall be signed by the staff member administering and one other staff member. 

All equipment and washable surfaces are sanitized using state guidelines.  All staff is trained in infection control procedures.

The staff will never make a definite decision as to the severity of an accident.  In case of an accident or other emergency the staff will administer first aid and the parents will be contacted.  If a parent cannot drive, an ambulance will be called.  The hospital of the parent’s choice will be called ahead to let them know what has happened and whom to expect.  The accident will be logged in the accident report log.  If a parent cannot be reached after administration of first aid, a person on the emergency contact list will be called.  If the emergency contact cannot be reached, then a teacher will accompany the child to the hospital.  The parent authorization form for emergency treatment will be taken, along with phone numbers, to the hospital.  All information will be logged into the injury report log.  A plan to allow parents with the written permission of their child’s health care practitioner to train staff in implementation of their child’s individual health care plan.

In case of an emergency during a field trip, first aid will be administered.  If needed, an ambulance will be called.  Parents will be contacted.  Parent authorization and emergency information forms will be taken for each child on every field trip.  First aid kits are taken on all field trips.

Information for identifying and protecting children with allergies is requested on the Developmental History Form, which is completed by the parent and kept in the child’s file.  A notation of all allergies is posted conspicuously in the classroom.

The complete Health Care Policy for Brookside Nursery School is posted inside the school.

Our notice on Allergies can be found here