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It is important to keep the child’s records updated as to any changes in:

Emergency Information
Home telephone number or cell phone numbers
Name and number of family physician
Name and numbers of person(s) to contact of emergency
Telephone/pager number of parent(s) place of employment


ART - for creativity with a variety of media.

MUSIC - for singing, rhythmic movements and just for the pleasure of listening.

LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT - to help the child express himself or herself and increase his or her vocabulary

SCIENCE - to make the children more aware and curious about the world around them

VISUAL DISCRIMINATION - to provide a foundation for future learning skills by using visual aids, pictures, books, etc.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT - to help the children to reach physical ability using both the outdoor and indoor equipment



Parents will need to provide their own transportation.  Car pools with other children who are attending the school and live in or near your area can often be worked out.  If someone other than a parent will be picking up their child then they need to authorize someone in writing with advance notice.  Please fill out the appropriate Transportation Section of the Authorization and Consent Form to let the staff know how your child will be arriving and departing from school premises.



Brookside Nursery School will be closed due to inclement weather in accordance with the Wilmington Public Schools.  If the Wilmington Schools delay the opening of school due to weather, Brookside will close school for the day.



Conferences are held twice a year but they may be arranged at any time the parent or teacher feels the need for discussion about the child.  A written progress report of the participation of each child in the school's program will be prepared by the staff twice a year and placed in the child’s records.   All special needs children will receive progress reports every three months and the parents may meet with the teachers during these times.  Parents are welcome to visit the school for a conference at any time provided an appointment is set up.  A parent also has the right to make an unannounced visit while their child is present. We welcome any suggestions and input you may have to help us implement our program.  If your suggestions are not adopted we will explain the reason why and if you request so we will respond in writing.



Because the children will be painting, cooking, etc., we suggest washable play clothes.  Long pants in cool weather are best as we do use the outdoor playground area.  Please label outerwear with the child’s name, especially boots and raincoats.



While toilet training is not an eligibility requirement to attend Brookside Nursery School, all the children are encouraged to use the bathroom when needed.  The bathroom will be monitored and the children are taught to wash their hands properly by using soap and warm water.

Parents should keep an extra set of clothes in the child’s backpack to be brought to school each school day.  Soiled clothes will be sealed in a plastic bag and sent home.