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Several field trips are planned during the year.  School buses or private cars are used and parents provide additional supervision.  No child is allowed on a field trip without a permission slip, which is provided by the school in advance.  Field trips can vary from year to year.  There will be an additional charge for field trips and parents will be given advance notice on the time, location and cost of each field trip.  There will be parent volunteers acting as chaperones on each field trip.  If parents have any issues regarding field trips or cost of field trips, they need to discuss this with the staff so that all concerns can be dealt with in a timely fashion.

The lead teacher, Cristina Warren, is the transportation coordinator for Brookside.  During school hours she may be contacted at (978) 658-9024.  During times when the school is on a field trip, Mrs. Warren may be reached by cell phone (781) 572-6519.  While transporting the children by bus, teachers and parent volunteers will ensure that all children are seated and buckled in with seat belts.  The drive will not move on until all persons are seated.  In the event of a medical emergency the bus driver will be instructed on how to proceed.  First aid kids and all emergency contact information will be brought to ensure that parents can and will be notified in the case of an emergency such as a disabled bus.  Brookside uses a fully licensed and insured bud company that will handle any moving violations and accidents.  However, all parents will be notified in the case of any traffic violations.


Power Failure – In case of power failure or loss of heat or water, the school will close early and parents will be called to come and pick up their child.

Natural Disaster – In case of a natural disaster, the school will be evacuated to the Wildwood School with assistance from the Wilmington Fire Department.  Prior to evacuation the staff at Brookside will be in contact with the Wilmington Fire and Police Department to determine the safest and most appropriate place for evacuation.

The Health Care Policy along with the Evacuation Plans in case of an emergency can be found in the Health Care Policy on line or is available on site at Brookside Nursery School.


Discipline and guidance of the children shall be consistent and based on an understanding for the child’s needs and development of the child.  The goal of discipline is the growth and development of the child and the protection of the group and the individuals within it.

Corporal punishment is not used.  Spanking, humiliation, verbal abuse, physical abuse, neglect or any abusive treatment of any kind is also prohibited.  A child will not be deprived of outdoor play or snack time as a punishment.  No child is ever forced to eat as a consequence.   No child is punished for soiling, wetting or not using the toilet.    In the case a time out is necessary, it will not exceed one minute for each year of the child’s age and the child will be placed where he/she will be supervised at all times.  A child will always be supervised and never left unattended in any area or equipment in or outside of school.

When there is a problem with a child, the teacher will set him or her aside and quietly try to resolve the matter.  The attitude of the staff is that the deed is wrong, bad or dangerous - not the child.  When the child is ready he or she is then taken back to the group. 


A child will not be terminated or suspended from school.  In the case of a continuous problem with a child, the teacher and administrator will request a meeting with the parent to handle the situation.  The staff will work with parents as to the necessary procedures to keep a child in school and help him/her thrive in the school environment.  The staff will help with parent consultations, referrals to appropriate agencies, parent meetings and possible home/school treatments.  Our goal is to help each child grow and prosper and help them prepare for their continued education.



In accordance with the rules and regulations set by the Department of
Early Education and Care, Brookside Nursery School does not discriminate on race, sex, religion, cultural heritage, political belief, national origin, marital status, disability status or sexual orientation.  Toilet training is also not an eligibility requirement to attend the Brookside Nursery School.



At Brookside we will use volunteers from time to time to help us out in the classroom or during any field trips.  If a parent comes in as a volunteer to the classroom then they will be assigned a task in the classroom.  They will be supervised by trained and licensed staff and not be left alone with any child at any time.  Background Record Checks are not required for the parent volunteer in the classroom.

During field trips where a bus is used, parents are asked to act as chaperones.  A parent will never be left alone with any child and will be under direct supervision by a trained and licensed staff person.  We also take smaller more local field trips where children are driven in the private cars of parents.  A parent will take only their child in the car unless otherwise asked by school staff.  With the permission of the absent parent and supervision of a trained and licensed staff person, a child may be driven in another parent’s car.  Permission slips for all field trips are obtained prior to the field trip.  Background Record Checks are not required for the parent volunteering as a chaperone on a field trip.

Any volunteer in the classroom for a long period of time will be required to have a Background Record Check.  All Background Checks will be kept on file and be updated every year.



All staff members should be well versed on the availability of various social services in the area.

An up-to-date file of all agencies affording services to children shall be kept and made available to staff members.  These agencies would include referral agencies, guidance centers, resource centers, public school services for learning disabilities, speech therapy and other special needs children, child advocacy groups, medical and mental health clinics.

If a staff member feels a referral to an agency or the public school Children’s Services Department is indicated, contact would be made with the parents to discuss the child’s problem and help would be offered in contacting the proper agency if the parents are in agreement.

When a parent approaches a staff member requesting information about social service agencies available to parents and children the teacher will confer with the director and the name, address and phone number of the appropriate agency or agencies will be given to the parents.  If requested the school will provide whatever information deemed helpful to the agency in working with the family and its problems.  All staff members will consider all such requests for aid confidential.

Listed below are the names and numbers of the Special Education Offices as well as child care services.  All other information will be obtained the staff when requested.

Wilmington Special Education
Dept. of Early Childhood Education and Care 
Child Abuse Hotline
Parental Stress Hotline

The school personnel will be available for conferences with parents and social service agencies if it would be helpful to the situation.

Children may be observed in the classroom setting, by appointment, if it is helpful.

All members of the staff are to be mindful of their obligation to report any indication of Child Abuse; and through the Director, such abuse is to be reported to the proper authorities.  The director is also mandated to report any alleged abuse or neglect of a child while in the centers care.  A 51A will be filed and any allegedly accused staff person will have no contact with the children at any time until an investigation has been completed.  The Director will comply with all agencies and procedures will be maintained in writing.